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Philatelists interested in a particular subject are very exciting and exceptional people. They collect specific postage stamps, covers, post cards, postmarks and other types of philatelic goods.

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Animal stamps

Interesting article about Animals on stamps.

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Bear stamps

Polar or Teddy? Bear stamps information and facts.

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Bee stamps

Explore Bee postage stamps, Research bee stamps facts.

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Bird stamps

Information related to collecting birds on stamps.

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Bug stamps

Bug and Insect stamps guide, Interesting bug stamps facts.

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Butterfly stamps

Learn about butterfly stamps and read interesting facts.

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Cat stamps

Cutest animal of all time! Cat stamp guide and facts.

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Dinosaur stamps

Dinosaurs on Stamps, Imagine a landscape full of dinosaurs! Which country's stamps has biggest Dino on them?


Dog stamps

An article about dog stamps in worldwide in every breed.

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Elephant stamps

Elephant stamps, Find interesting article about one of the largest animal of the world and how it featured on stamps.

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Fish stamps

Collecting fish stamps is a fun and rewarding hobby for many people. Find out interesting stamps article.

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Flower stamps

Read the article of flower and flora themed stamps of the worldwide.

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Horse stamps

Horse on stamps, interesting article about world horse stamps.

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Mushroom stamps

Article about Tropical stamps collecting: mushrooms and other fungi on stamps.

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Plant stamps

Stamp collectors collect many varieties of plant stamps, find out interesting stories behind plants on stamps.