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New Stamps

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Bird of the Year. Long-eared owl (Asio otus), souvenir sheet, MINT, 2015
Country:  Belarus
Issue date:  01.04.2015
Price8,90 €
Service Breeds of Dogs, souvenir sheet, MINT, 2015
Country:  Russia
Issue date:  28.05.2015
Price5,73 €
Bee-eaters of Namibia, set of 5 stamps, MINT, 2015
Country:  Namibia
Issue date:  15.05.2015
Price8,15 €
Bee and flower, postcard, MINT, 2015
Country:  Latvia
Issue date:  13.05.2015
Price1,40 €
Seals of Baltic Sea, souvenir sheet, MINT, 2015
Country:  Estonia
Issue date:  12.03.2015
Price4,50 €
Goshawk and Siamese Fireback, Joint Issue Thailand-Korea, set of 2 stamps sets, MINT, 2015
Country:  KoreaThailand
Issue date:  08.05.2015
Price2,40 €
Birds of wetlands, set of 2 stamps, MINT, 2015
Country:  Taiwan
Issue date:  25.04.2015
Price2,36 €
Birds of wetlands, souvenir sheet, MINT, 2015
Country:  Taiwan
Issue date:  25.04.2015
Price4,72 €
Winter. Hare, Squirrel, Bird Tit, Viburnum berries, souvenir sheet, MINT, 2014
Country:  Ukraine
Issue date:  19.12.2014
Price1,90 €
Dinosaurs, souvenir sheet, MINT, 2015
Country:  Canada
Issue date:  13.04.2015
Price6,51 €
Wild Ass Kutchh and Ladakh, souvenir sheet, MINT, 2013
Country:  India
Issue date:  10.05.2013
Price3,38 €
Croatian Fauna: Roe Deer, Fox, Wild Boar, set of 3 stamps, 2015
Country:  Croatia
Issue date:  15.04.2015
Price3,20 €