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Postal Facts 2013 – Free eBook!

Published on March 16, 2013, by in Stamp Related News.


I am opening my digital postage stamps blogging journey with this great news,The United States Postal Service has released a very informative 24-page, color booklet filled with interesting information about what it does.

Titled “Postal Facts-2013″ it includes the following sections:

Size and Scope
A Decade of Facts and Figures
This Post Office Is Always Open — USPS.COM and USPS Mobile
History. Foundation. Art. Preservation
People. Community. Social Responsibility
Postage Stamps
A Simpler Way to Ship
Innovation in the Mail
What the Postal Service Wants You to Know
Postal Blue Goes Green
Innovative Technologies — Systems at Work
Information Technology
Security. Law Enforcement. Preserving the Trust
Forensics. Crime Scenes. Evidence.
Postal Facts 2013
One Day in the Life of the U.S. Postal Service

Grab a free copy of the book from here

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